Famagusta District: A house was flooded by the passage of bad weather

"Carmel"'s passage through Cyprus without particular problems, Fire and Civil Defense estimate

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The last 48 hours for the Fire Brigade passed without being called to face particular problems at the Cypriot level, while no serious incidents were recorded from the side of the Civil Defense due to the low barometric "Carmel".

In his statements to KYPE, the Spokesperson of the Fire Service, Andreas Kettis, stated thatThe Cyprus Fire Service received limited calls throughout Cyprus, which reached a total of six.

He referred to towing a vehicle, which was trapped on a flooded road in the province of Nicosia, as well as in two or three cases where the grids had to be opened on a public road in Paphos. Also intervened in the case of an underground house that had been flooded, but also for the movement of cheap materials in the Province of Famagusta. "There were no problems that had any substantial cost," he said.

We, he continued, are in contact and in direct communication with the Meteorological Service and the Director of Meteorology, he said. He also stated that instructions were given by the Cyprus Fire Service to work with the maximum staff while the off-duty staff was on alert.

Mr. Kettis stated that there were no serious problems, while he sent the message to the public to take any warnings seriously. The Fire Department may not have had to intervene immediately, due to the fact that the "Carmel" phenomenon did not spread but also due to the fact that people began to assimilate that they must be protected on a personal level and restrict their movements when such phenomena exist, he said.

He also said that if the warnings to restrict movement were not taken into account, there might have been more incidents in which the Fire Brigade should have intervened. He also added that people seem to have taken some additional measures regarding the floods on a personal level and protected their premises in such a way that the Fire Department did not have to intervene in any case.

Moreover, in her statements, the Spokesperson of the Cyprus Civil Defense, Olivia Michailidou, stated that things went smoothly, adding that no serious incidents were observed. However, he continued, we were on full alert and vigilant so that we could respond immediately if any incidents arose.

Asked about it, Ms. Michailidou stated that in Limassol the Civil Defense responded in some areas, but there were no serious incidents and the response was made for precautionary reasons, as she said, and to assess the situation.

In addition, Ms. Michailidou described as very pleasant the fact that the public followed the advice and prompts that were given, because "with everyone's contribution, unpleasant situations were prevented".

He also said that from the moment we are informed about the occurrence of extreme weather phenomena, we must all, citizens and government agencies, take our measures, because prevention is always better than cure.

It is noted that the intense weather phenomena are expected to stop from noon on Monday.