Paralimni High School: Student protests: "We shouted for Famagusta and became criminals"

Strong reaction and indignation on social media - Symbolic protest for Famagusta with ... two arrests at school

ethikistika synthimata Lykeio Paralimniou 14102020 1 Lykeio Paralimniou

Students and parents of Paralimni High School express their strong reaction and indignation on social media, as well as residents of the area for targeting once again the school and its students.

The occasion, this time, was a symbolic protest rally organized by a group of students who shouted against the settlement of Famagusta yesterday Wednesday at school. It was, as it seems, a symbolic movement of a group of students who, looking at Famagusta, shouted slogans raising the Greek flag.

In fact, the case was reported to the Police, which proceeded to arrest two students on charges of illegal possession, transport and use of explosives.

The two students appeared this morning before the Famagusta district court, whose hearing was postponed to the next day.

For their part, the students, commenting on today's publications, express their intense indignation for another, as they report, targeting of the school, while several of them react strongly to the fact that a protest rally for occupied Famagusta became so large that they are considered "criminals". students and to gather and substantiate a case against them.

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Today's announcement of the Police:

It was reported yesterday to the Police, that on the same day in the morning (14/10/2020), a group of students at the Paralimni High School, hung flags and banners, shouting various slogans.

According to today's announcement of the Police, “at some point, two students, aged 16 and 17, lit two smoke bombs, which they threw at the basketball court. "Both have been issued arrest warrants and have been arrested for facilitating investigations."

The two students, after being charged in writing, were released, to appear later in Court.

The Paralimni Police Station continues the examinations.