PARALIMNI: Positive students in rapid tests, negative in PCR

There seems to have been confusion with last Thursday's rapid tests, after the 8 positive cases from the rapid tests at school, in a pcr laboratory test were negatively diagnosed

koronoios rapid test ilion exclusive, rapid test, Paralimni High School

The sampling test in the schools started on Thursday, as from yesterday the students needed a negative rapid test result to pass in their classes. 

According to readers who contacted Famagusta.News, the 8 people who were positively diagnosed by the rapid test sampling last Thursday at Paralimni High School, then underwent a pcr laboratory test, with the result being negative.

There was a disturbance in the students and their families, that in the end, according to the same information, the said students, having a negative result in the pcr test, presented themselves normally in their school.