PARALIMNI: Karousos saw Pyrillis and Paralimni municipal council – Announced projects

One million for repairing sidewalks in Protaras - They will record with GPS rainwater grates - Highlighting antiquities monuments

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In the context of improving the road network of the Municipality of Paralimni, a meeting was held yesterday, January 17, 2023, between the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Yiannis Karousos with the Mayor and the Members of the Municipal Council of Paralimni.

During the meeting with the Mayor of Paralimni Theodoros Pyrillis, issues concerning the Municipality and the Ministry of Transport were discussed and compared the sponsorship of 1 million euros for the construction and repair of sidewalks from Protaras to Cape Greco, a very important project, for an infrastructure that absolutely must be implemented as it is also located in a tourist area.

"We can through the Municipality of Paralimni, which can act as a contracting authority on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, enabling it to proceed with the design, maturation and construction of projects with secured funding from the Department of Public Works of the Ministry of Transport, which the Mayor has accepted and we will proceed with the necessary actions in order to speed up some projects. Such as the upgrading and improvement of Stadiou Street and other perimeter roads that will help relieve congestion in Paralimni" said Yannis Karousos.

Also, issues related to the work planned by the Department of Antiquities of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works at monuments of the Municipality of Paralimni.

At the same time, the issue of of floods and how the Ministry of Transport can contribute in relation to the recent problem created by the weather conditions. "We will provide any help needed, there is the necessary cooperation. Also, congratulations to the Civil Defense for the immediate response, as well as those who rushed to help. Where and where there are problems and Public Works are related, these will be recorded in cooperation with the Municipality. In addition, through the meeting it was decided how to record the places where grills are installed through GPS so that when there is a similar problem, it is easy to find the place where the specific grill is" said the Minister.

For his part, the Mayor of Paralimni thanked the Minister of Transport for his presence in the Municipality, but also for the immediate response to the requests made by the Municipality of Paralimni before the Ministry in relation to infrastructure projects. "I would like to thank the Minister for his visit to our Municipality today, the issues discussed were very important for us, they concerned the antiquities that exist in Protaras, as well as the sponsorship of one million euros for the repair of the sidewalks, for which I am especially grateful the Minister and the Department of Public Works. With the start of the tourist season, our Municipality will present a different image than today" emphasized the Mayor of Paralimni.