PROTARAS: "Water sports businessmen bathed in gasoline to set themselves on fire"

What the President of the Association of Water Sports Owners, Dimitris Hatzidimitriou, says

Protaras exclusive, PARALIMNI

The president of the Association of Water Sports Owners, Dimitris Hatzidimitriou, spoke on the show Protoselido regarding the operation of water sports on the beaches of Protaras.

Mr. Hatzidimitriou stated that the Mayor's effort is to dissolve the Association because, as he says, they have made a cartel. This is because he believes that the link controls who, where and how will make an offer. "This is a lie, a deception. "The fact that we have sent letters and they can circulate at any time and see the light of day."

He added that letters had been sent and asked for a five-minute meeting with the interior minister without receiving any response. "We only need 5 minutes to submit the points of the legislation, it is enough to convince them, as well as the central beach committee"

Asked to comment on the statement he had made about the arson, Mr. Hatzidimitriou said that the businessmen had bathed in gasoline and were ready to set themselves on fire because they had gone to extremes.

"I blame myself because for 27 years as president of the association I have not been able to transfer equality and equal treatment to the state," he concluded.

However, it is worth noting that in 1999 there was an incident in Limassol where a couple of owners of water sports, included the water items they rented on the beach of the city, and threatened to set themselves on fire on the occasion of the then measures of the Government

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