Farmers in Liopetri and Xylofagou are in despair from the hailstorm (VIDEO)

Farmers in the province of Famagusta are counting their losses again. The reason is the heavy hail that occurred yesterday in many areas that resulted in the destruction of their crops.

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At God's mercy are the farmers this year.

After the prolonged summer drought, the strong winds, the frost and the heavy rains of the past months, the new blow occurred today at dawn with the heavy hail that hit the province of Famagusta and the agricultural crops.

The farmers of Kokkinochoria are desperate for immediate compensation, as the effects of the bad weather this year have led to their financial collapse.

See their statements in the video recorded by Famagusta.News camera:

As Tassos Giapanis, General Secretary of Panagrotiko, told KYPE, "great disasters occurred today at dawn, in areas of the free province of Famagusta due to the torrential rains and hail. Specifically, last night there was heavy rain, while from 4 to 5.30 in the morning, hail fell in the communities of Avgorou, Xylofagou and Liopetri ".

He added that "we have already invited OGA officials to visit the affected areas and see for themselves the damage caused by the severe weather. OGA officials are expected to visit the areas either later today or tomorrow in order to record the damage caused. "

According to Mr. Giapanis, "in the areas that were hit by hail, it seems that the damage is very great. The crops that were affected concern potatoes, onions and courgettes ".

The General Secretary of Panagrotiko also stated that "this year was a golden year for potatoes, with prices soaring. "Producers were waiting for their crops to be completed, to get their potatoes out to get the money they work for every day, but the severe weather that has been observed this year has caused great damage and disaster."