SOTIRA: Experiential workshop for developing communication skills

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The Cyprus Youth Organization organizes an experiential workshop to develop communication skills.

The workshop will take place on Friday, February 23 from 18:00 to 20:00 at the Famagusta Youth Center. (Social benefits center of Sotiras Municipality).

What can the workshop offer you?

Effective communication is an extremely important skill that enables the exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas and leads to mutual understanding.

Humans tend to take the process of communication for granted. That is, we consider that communication between two or more people is not something difficult. It just happens. However, the reality is very different. Communication is incredibly complex, that's why we can often find ourselves in situations where the lack of communication creates misunderstandings and problems with friends, relatives, colleagues.

Our new workshops titled, #CommuniLAB – Communicate Effectively in Personal and Professional Life, held at the Youth Centers in all cities, will give you the techniques you need to enhance your communication skills on a personal and professional level.

Come to the workshop to learn:

Ways to improve your communication skills that help you save time.
The essential skills of the effective listener/speaker.
The body language required in effective communication.
How your every communication (written or spoken) ensures that the recipient of the message will make the minimum effort to understand the subject and the actions required.
The workshops are held at the Polycentres of the Youth Organization within the framework of the European Year of Skills and the "YouthSkillization" initiative.

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Participation in the workshops is free

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