Cont. Kokkinochorion Sewerage: 4 million euros for road network repairs

The project is expected to be completed in two years - What the President of SAK Andros Karagiannis said

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The amount of four million euros was recently received by the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochorion (SAK) which will be allocated for the improvement of the road network that was affected by the execution of the sewerage system, said the Mayor of Deryneia and President of SAK Andros Karagiannis.

He added that "the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochorion was established following a decision of the Council of Ministers on March 12, 2010 for the implementation of the sewage treatment system in Achna of the Kokkinochorion complex that will serve two municipalities, Deryneia and Sotira and eight communities, Liopetri, Agios Georgios Acheritos-Vrysoulon, Xylofagou, Achnas, Avgorou, Ormidia and Xylotympos ".

He noted that "the start date of the works for the Wastewater Treatment Plant (SEL) was set for October 29, 2020 and the duration of the contract is 22 months. "According to the Law on Sewerage Systems of 1971 (article 30) for the imposition of sewerage fees, the enforcement should have started from 2010, nevertheless it was delayed due to the non-start of the project".

Finally, he said, "SAK decided last July that for 2021 a tax will be imposed for the first time with a tax rate of 0,4 per thousand. The annual sewage fee is imposed on the estimated value of the Real Estate at prices 1.1.2018 as it was determined based on the general assessment of the Real Estate conducted, in accordance with the provisions of article 69 (I) of the Real Estate (Occupation, Registration and Assessment) of Law Chapter 224 ».

Answering a relevant question, Mr. Karagiannis said that "due to a technical problem and the serious understaffing of SAK, incorrect bills and charges have been sent and the owners or owners of real estate that fall within the limits of SAK can pay the exact amount of tax through JCC Smart until June 30, 2021 ".

However, he continued: "Owners or holders of immovable property used exclusively for agricultural purposes or forested land or falling into the livestock zone or located within the dead zone, in the occupied areas or in the Turbine area within the British Bases, where no construction will take place. , may file an objection to the relevant tax exemption, providing the required evidence ".

To another question, the President of SAK answered that "citizens will enjoy in about two years the services of a modern biological station of European standards. This is because there were six years of delay in the start of work for the Sewage Treatment Plant in Achna, due to involvement in the Tender Review Authority, the recent submission of taxation, the relocation of SAK to the SEL execution site in Achna and the inflow of revenue into the SA fund " .