XENION HIGH SCHOOL: They set the poem "Enna passat ei bora" to music (VIDEO)

On the occasion of the horrible events of July 20th, students set the poem "Enna passat i bora" to music - Watch video

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On the occasion of the horrible events of July 20, students and teachers of Xenion High School decided to publish the song, wanting to convey a message of hope that the storm will pass in this thousand tortured place.

The music of the poem 《Enna peresati ih bora》 was made by the students of Xenion High School, Antonia Perdiou and Loukia Charalambous. With this song, they participated in the Student Competition 《Cyprus – Greece – Unity: Educational Bridges》, which took place in 2023.

Poem Title/Lyrics: "Enna passa e bora" –
Excerpt from the book by Dimitris Giambazis
"I am a lover of poetry"

Composition: Antonia Perdiou, Loukia Charalambous
Voice: Loukia Charalambous
Piano: Antonia Perdiou
Violin: Eleni Charalambous
Lute: Stefanos Hatziandreou
Taboutsia: Giorgos Perdios
Audio & Video editing: Paraschos Theofanous

Listen to the song:

If I were to be a pullin' jay to fly,
to go high in the sky, to reach the boat,
our places to see again llion ji'me to breathe.

To the barbarian who stole our cities and lands,
Ji'en our bosom is sad, our heart is stricken.

Then in Famagusta, with all the best,
Which was a muskrat
They didn't have it in the vagina
Make her look different.

My unforgettable Tzierenia, my Morphou, I admire you,
I came close to tell you,
How much I love you,
I'm yelling at you.

Curse the corsair that seized our land,
Whatever evils we suffer,
Come on let's do it,
Always ours.

Be patient, persevere, time is running out,
Cyprus will rise again,
Where the slavkian will be redeemed,
The rain has passed.