Xylofagou: Panic after a fire in an apartment building - Residents took refuge on the roof

There could be no escape through the stairwell due to the smoke.

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The Fire Service was mobilized after a fire in vehicles that were in the parking lot of an apartment building in Xylofagou.

According to the Fire Department, "at 02:45 a call was received for a fire in three vehicles, which were parked on the ground floor of a three-storey building in the community of Xylofagos.

Members of the Police and the Fire Brigade responded with two fire trucks from the Famagusta fire station "Sergeant Adamou Adamou". The occupants of the apartment building voluntarily left their apartments and took refuge on the roof of the apartment building, as there could be no escape through the stairwell due to the smoke.

After the smoke was released, they were taken to an open space on the ground floor. The fire caused extensive damage to the vehicles, while the ground floor parking lot and the painting of the apartment building suffered extensive damage. The causes of the fire will be investigated later today in cooperation with the Police ".