500 cannabis plants were found in Avgorou

a 14 News, Nea Famagusta
A large number of cannabis plants were found yesterday afternoon in the community of Avgorou after an operation by members of YKAN.

a 1138 News, Nea Famagusta

More than 500 cannabis plants were found in the back of a house in the community of Avgoros in the province of Famagusta.

According to the Police, around four o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, members of YKAN, after information, raided a house in Avgorou, near the Agricultural School of Kokkinochorion and the Second Primary School in Avgorou.

At the back of the house there is a farm where various poultry are raised and the men of YKAN located more than 500 cannabis plants, from five centimeters to two meters high.

Inside the house, the Police found in a glass container a quantity of dry cannabis plant material weighing 63 grams.

Police arrested the 57-year-old father and two brothers, aged 27 and 30, and detained them.

The operation of YKAN started around two yesterday at noon and the counting of the plants was completed around three today at dawn.

Initially, the information given by the Police spoke about the location of more than 500 cannabis plants, however, when the plants were counted, they amounted to 216.

The two brothers and their father are expected to appear today before the District Court of Famagusta for the issuance of a detention order.