Liopetri: Father and son at a joint funeral - Contributions for the two orphans

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The death of Dimitris Mastros, 39 years old from Liopetri, whose body was found yesterday morning in the sea area of ​​Xylofagos, is due to suffocation as a result of drowning.

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Dimitris and his father Lambros had gone fishing with a rod on Sunday afternoon, in the sea area of ​​Kaos of Xylofagou, which is the territory of the British Bases of Dhekelia, when after 17:30 in the afternoon, their traces disappeared.

To locate the two men, a search operation was set up involving men from the British Dhekelia Bases, EMAK, the Ulamo Underwater Disaster, the Port and Naval Police and helicopters.

The 39-year-old was spotted on Monday, around ten in the morning by a diver from Ulamo Underwater Disasters at sea, just a few meters away from the area where he was fishing with his father.

At noon, the medical examiner Hara Spiliopoulou, who was transferred from Athens to Cyprus, performed the legal autopsy on the body of the 39-year-old at the Hospital of the British Bases in Dhekelia.

According to a representative of the Police of the British Bases of Dhekelia, the necropsy showed that the death of Dimitris Mastros came from "suffocation as a result of drowning". The 39-year-old also received a blow to the head and the Police speculate that this was probably caused by the waves that pushed him towards the rocks when he fell into the sea to save his father.

Meanwhile, on Thursday morning, the legal autopsy on the body of 65-year-old Lambros Mastros, Dimitris' father, is expected to be performed at the Nicosia General Hospital, in order to determine the exact causes of his death.

The body of the 65-year-old was found on Tuesday around 08:30 in the morning in the sea area of ​​Agia Thekla in Sotira, about 5 kilometers away from the scene where the searches were carried out yesterday to locate the two people.

The lifeless body of the 65-year-old was received by men of the Ayia Napa Police Station and transported by ambulance to a clinic in the area, while earlier today he was taken to the General Hospital of Nicosia for the legal autopsy.

Dimitris Mastrou leaves a wife and two minor children aged 4 and 8 years while Lambros leaves a wife and three other children.

The joint funeral of father and son will be held on Thursday, January 7, 2016, at two noon from the Church of Panagia Eleousa in Liopetri.

The relatives of the dead appeal instead of wreaths to make contributions for the two orphan children of Dimitris Mastros.

Source: KYPE