Liopetri: Police have arrested an unconscious young man, a grape hunter

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A 20-year-old man was arrested by the police on Sunday, in the area of ​​Liopetri.

According to an announcement by the Police, the young man was in possession of prohibited means of catching wild birds.

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The police caught the young man in the leech, using illegal means for that and he was arrested for a self-inflicted crime.

The members of the MMAD Poaching Poison Ladder, kept as evidence a device that emits mimetic voices of wild birds and two trapping networks of wild birds. The items have been confiscated.

The young man was charged in writing and released. The continuation of the case is expected to be completed in court.

It should be noted at this point that trapping wild birds by illegal means has incredible negative environmental consequences for both Cypriot and international biodiversity. It is a barbaric way of hunting, which has met the international outcry against Cyprus.

Nevertheless, some of our fellow citizens, unfortunately, in order to trap grapevines, continue to engage in these actions since the profits they make from illegal hunting are huge.

The free province of Famagusta is the area with the most cases of illegal trapping, and consequently the area with the highest losses of wild birds.

The commission of the offense is punishable by a fine and / or imprisonment.

Source: KYPE