"Anastasiadis is uninformed about agriculture", says Christofidis

a 450 News, Nea Famagusta
a 7452 News, Nea FamagustaNikos Anastasiadis was described as uninformed by the Deputy Government Spokesman, Christos Christofidis, responding to yesterday's statements by the President of DISY, who attended a meeting of potato growers in Sotira Famagusta, that the government is showing problems 

Christos Christofidis said that Nikos Anastasiadis is either uninformed or deliberately trying to distort reality.

"From the very beginning, this government has been fighting for the rural people to be substantially supported. "The total funding from 2008-2011 amounts to 498 million euros," said the deputy government spokesman.

Christos Christofidis also referred to the rural development program whose budget amounts to 429 million euros as well as to the national potato cultivation plan,

"Where works speak, cheap words and accusations cannot stand," he said characteristically.

Source: Cyprus News Agency