Only the Auditor General will control the finances of the parties

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Three important additions were included in the final text of the law that will be brought before the Plenary Session of the Parliament on Thursday and which concerns the financing of the parties.

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The three additions concern the percentage of distribution of funding, that the parties to be eligible for sponsorship must cover at least 50% of the elected positions and third and most importantly that the control of the parties' finances will be done exclusively by the Auditor General of the Republic. However, as it has already been announced, amendments will be made to the text and DIKO has already submitted a relevant draft law.

According to the text that was formulated incorporating the decisions of the parliamentary committee of Institutions that have been taken during its last session on October 29, the Parliament is called to vote, among other things:

● Amendment of Article 4 of the Basic Law by replacing paragraph 3 with the following: “(3) The parliamentary parties receive regular funding, the amount of which is determined by the Council of Ministers, which is included in the state budget and its total is distributed as as follows: (a) Fifteen percent (15%) of the regular funding shall be paid in equal amounts; and (b) the remainder shall be paid in proportion to the percentages received in the last parliamentary elections. ".

4 Article 50 of the basic law is further differentiated regarding the beneficiaries of sponsorship: “(b) Non-parliamentary parties are entitled to receive sponsorship, provided that ( (Iii) claim the election for which they are applying for sponsorship, with candidates corresponding to at least fifty percent (50%) of the number of seats to be filled; and , in the case of parliamentary elections, claim them with candidates corresponding to at least fifty percent (1979%) of the seats for each constituency as they are distributed in accordance with the provisions of the Members of Parliament for the Election of Representatives of the Laws of 5 to (No. 2011) of 1,5, as amended or replaced, (iv) have secured at least one and a half percent (1,5%) in the last parliamentary elections or secured they won one and a half percent (XNUMX%) in the elections to which the sponsorship concerns ".

Σημαν The summary in the law of a clause that does not allow anyone other than the Auditor General to exercise control over the financial statements of the parties is considered particularly important: “6C. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Law on the Submission of Data and Information to the Auditor General of the Republic from 2002 to 2014, as they are amended or replaced, for the purposes of this Law, the Auditor General of the Republic may not assign the audit or indicate the assignment of the audit of the financial statements of the political parties and the organizations that fall under the provisions of article 6B to auditors or audit firms that have obtained a license and have been registered in the relevant register kept under the Auditors and Mandatory Audits of the Annual and Consolidated Accounts Laws of 2009 and 2013, as they are amended or replaced from time to time ".

In the prohibition clauses mentioned in the sources of funding of the parties, a provision has been added that prohibits the acceptance of contributions that "come from another state, its services or companies controlled by it".

A series of amendments by parties are expected at tomorrow's session of Parliament. Yesterday, the president of DIKO sent the amendment that will be officially submitted on Thursday, according to which it will be forbidden for parliamentary parties to accept private, monetary or non-private contributions from natural or legal persons of public or private law, excluding state sponsorship, sponsorship. youth organization and annual or other related subscriptions by party members.

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