Turkey is entering a long period of instability

CEB1 73 News, Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey
CEB1 415 News, Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey

The result of the referendum in Turkey foretells a long period of instability. What matters, of course, is the fact that President Erdogan has won and will be able to rule with a new authoritarian presidential system. The small difference, the objections of the opposition and the defeat suffered in the big cities, however, cannot be ignored. A look at the electoral map shows that we are now clearly talking about two Turkeys, one of the beaches, the big urban centers and the Kurds and one of the rest of the country.

The country can easily find itself on the brink of a civil war after this referendum. There will be no safety valves in the Sultan's bigotry. Some optimists predict that the marginal effect may make him more moderate and reasonable. I do not know where they get this optimism from. Recent developments should have convinced everyone that any negative development pushes him to a more authoritarian way of governing and often paranoia.

European and American officials wanted a clear victory for him. Not because they like him or can easily communicate with him. But why were they worried about the scenario of a destabilized Turkey. But this, as everything shows, will be the main scenario in the coming years.