L. Christoforou: He accuses Turkey of reading the Koran in Ag. Sophia

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MEP Lefteris Christoforou, reacting immediately to the unacceptable provocative actions of Turkey, in order to read the Koran in the Holy Religious Space of the Holy Temple of Hagia Sophia, made representations both to the European Commission and to the European Parliament.

In a letter to the European Commission, he states the following:

"Turkey, with its unprecedented provocative decision to read the Koran in Hagia Sophia, is brutally insulting all Orthodox Christians around the world. At the same time, it shows complete disrespect for all concepts of religious principles and values ​​governing international and European law, as well as the protection of religious rights and freedoms. Turkey's action is an act of desecration of a sacred religious site by Orthodox Christians and a monument to world religious and cultural heritage.

The tolerance shown towards Turkey leads to these unacceptable actions on its part. Indicatively, I mention that for the past 42 years, Turkey has been desecrating, tarnishing and destroying the entire religious and cultural heritage of occupied Cyprus, effectively destroying the European Heritage itself.

I emphasize that Hagia Sophia has always been a unique symbol of Christianity and Orthodoxy, a beacon of the Orthodox Church and is a sacred monument, a symbol of world cultural and religious heritage.
With this energy, Turkey takes us back to the past, instills intolerance, creates a climate of religious tension and controversy, reminding, once again in the Christian world, Turkey that has eradicated the Christian peoples from its territory.

Turkey's provocative and offensive actions are directed directly and against any European Authority and Value. Turkey's unacceptable actions are not in line with a country that is a member of the European Union.

Turkey's continued disintegration with many provocative actions is due in part to the tolerance and impunity shown by all and unfortunately by the European Union.
I believe that this time, this brutal religious insult and provocation that infuriates and sensitizes millions of Orthodox Christians is not going to go unanswered by the EU.

The Commission is asked:
1. What action does the Commission intend to take to oblige Turkey to finally respect European Religious Principles and Values?
2. The Commission will continue not to take action against an acceding country such as Turkey when it continues to violate EU principles and rules. and when its behavior is not in line with European Course, Culture, Principles and Values.
"Funds will continue to be allocated and the European Funds for Turkey will remain open when it does not comply with International and European Law and the principles of respect for religious monuments and religious rights and freedoms."

Source: Liberal