"Anastasiadis and Malas lead Cyprus to Turkification"

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The candidacies of Anastasiadis and Mala are the same school of thought of the Cyprus problem and remain loyal, stable and unwavering in the policy of unilateral concessions and the good boy, said last night the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic George Lillikas, adding that his opponents insist on leading to the Turkification of Cyprus.

In a speech at the presentation of his book on the Cyprus issue, by a group of Teachers' Initiative of Limassol, Mr. Lillikas invited his opponents to an open public debate on all issues, "if they respect the citizens and believe that in a democracy the citizens they must be informed ", while he stated that, in these elections, the Cyprus issue was marginalized and degraded" because they want to hide their real positions from the citizens ".

"Unfortunately, they insist on solutions that lead, like the Annan plan, to the Turkification of Cyprus, through a legal settlement and having as an intermediate station the overthrow of the Republic of Cyprus and the Bi-Zonal Bicommunal Federation", he added.

He said he did not consider it a coincidence that the UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser on Cyprus, Alexander Downer, had chosen to talk to only two of the three key candidates, "but who have one and the same opinion".

"Mr Downer does not want to hear our views. It does not matter, he will hear it in March and he will not hear it from the President of the Republic, because I am not going to meet with him, but he will hear it from the Foreign Minister who will send him ", he added.

George Lillikas wondered when Nikos Anastasiadis, after the Mea Culpa he said about his attitude towards DIKO, Tassos Papadopoulos and the tolerance he showed towards the Christofias government, would say the Mea Culpa to the Cypriot people about the Annan plan, "Unless he continues to believe that his position was right."

"At this critical time, the country does not apologize to leaders for their mistakes. The country needs leaders who are proud of their projects and the right decisions ", said Mr. Lillikas, who commenting on the slogan Anastasiadis" the crisis wants a leader ", said that" Mr. Anastasiadis aspires and wants to become a leader of the crisis. We want to become leaders in development. "

The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic also expressed the view that, based on the documents of the website wikileaks, about what was shared between Anastasiadis and Downer, after the referendum on the Annan plan, "anything but respects or will respect the decision of Cypriot Hellenism. He is probably undermining it and probably wants to bypass it, but he lacks the courage to admit it publicly and to defend his point of view ".

In his speech, Mr. Lillikas also said that "Stavros Malas avoids like the demon incense to mention and discuss his attitude and positions on the Cyprus issue and the Annan plan" and that "his vision for the new era of the 21st century will be a political system and a solution, where the Greek Cypriots will have about the same rights and the same democratic freedoms that the colored people had in America many decades ago or the colored people in South Africa, in the apartheid period " .

Referring to a question he asked whether the bi-zone will allow Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots to live together in mixed villages and cities, where they wish throughout Cyprus and whether Greek Cypriots will exercise all human rights and freedoms, Mr. Lillikas said that "while Mr. Anastasiadis, with the experience he has, avoids being positioned, Mr. Malas believed that he can answer with various sophistry and came to admit that, yes, it is true that with the bi-zonal, E / C that will live in the Turkish Cypriot constituent state, will be deprived of political rights, while otherwise, it is promised that it is a new person for a new era ".

George Lillikas also thanked his two opponents because, as he said, they are the ones who brought his book up to date, "unfortunately, through an old-fashioned and anachronistic mentality, that of buzzwords and falsification" and added "I challenge them too two to finally have a political public debate and if they want to discuss my book to which they referred, to discuss the Cyprus issue, the economy and any other issue they want ".

Source: "POLITIS" newspaper