"All member states will sign the Rome Declaration"

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"All member states - except of course Great Britain - are going to sign the Rome Declaration," the Italian newspaper La Repubblica headlined.

"The declaration will be signed by all the heads of state and government of the twenty-seven, as desired by the Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni and the most powerful leaders, starting with Merkel and Hollande, to send a message of unity of the European capitals, after one of the "phases of greater stress in the history of the European Union", writes the Rome newspaper.

La Repubblica adds, as reported by the Athenian News Agency, of course, that in order to achieve the goal, the text was transformed, in essence, into something non-existent, "which lacks, almost, substantial content".

"European governments will try, for at least a day, to hide their many differences in an armored Rome, given the risk of terrorist attacks and the diversion of protesters," the paper said.

On Poland's objections, the Brussels-based La Repubblica correspondent says the recent compromise provides a general reference to the possibility of "different tensions over European integration, following the rules of the Treaties, without excluding anyone and leaving the door open to anyone who wants to be added to the rest ". The article emphasizes that everyone's agreement has been secured, but no last-minute surprises from Poland or the Visegrad countries in general can be ruled out with certainty.

Source: newsbeast.gr