Europe is fortified against the "Omicron" - What measures are they taking

The entire planet now lives in the constellation of Micron

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The entire planet now lives in the constellation of Micron. The virus variant has already prevailed in many countries, including Denmark, Portugal and the United Kingdom. "The numbers are doubling every one and a half to three days, causing unprecedented transmission rates," said Dr Hans Kluge, director of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Europe.

Thus, one country after another is called upon to take further measures to stem the pandemic. THE Netherlands is already in catholic lockdown for the festive season of Christmas and New Year. The Belgian Advisory Committee has announced that padlocks will be installed in cinemas, theaters and concert halls from 26 December. Museums, libraries and sports venues remain open, while shopping in the shops will be for two people. Spain has resumed mask use outdoors as it faces a record 50.000 new infections in 24 hours. An emergency cabinet is being convened in Madrid today to approve the decree.

Her Minister of Health Portugal predicted yesterday that the Omicron variant would cause a record number of infections in the coming days. Authorities announced Wednesday nearly 9.000 new cases. This is the largest number recorded in months. It is striking that the country has one of the highest vaccination rates against it COVID-19 in the world, with about 87% of its 10 million inhabitants being fully vaccinated. Under pressure from these new data, the government decided to impose new restrictions. He has been closing nightclubs and bars since Christmas, and has suggested that people return to the teleworking regime.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa urged citizens to limit their contacts as much as possible. Among other things, it has increased the tests, which reach 133.000 per day.

Η Britain is one of the countries most affected by the mutation. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will not impose new restrictions before Christmas, but said the situation remains "extremely difficult" and that the government may need to take action after the holidays. Instead, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sterzon announced that the traditional, three-day New Year celebrations were being canceled because of Omicron. In Wales, the local government will impose a fine on those who do not apply telework. Violating workers will be fined 60 70 (€ 1.000) and employers fined έως 10.000 to .XNUMX XNUMX.

A new British science study has concluded that the Omicron variant has milder symptoms, compared to the Delta strain. In addition, research shows that those who have been vaccinated with a booster dose are significantly less likely to end up in hospital because of Covid-19. The Imperial College study analyzed data from the confirmed, by molecular test, Omicron cases recorded in England between December 1-14. The risk of needing treatment for patients infected with the Omicron variant Covid-19 is 40-45% smaller compared to those infected with the Delta variant.

Η Denmark is one of the countries that are also in the vortex of Omicron. Authorities are stepping up the vaccination campaign, closing cinemas and theaters for at least four weeks.

At France, at least one in three infections now appears to be associated with 'Micron'. There are fears that the cases will exceed 100 thousand per day. Vaccination of children aged 5-11 has started for good and the fourth dose does not seem to be late. Teleworking is also back.

Η Sweden announced restrictive measures for travelers from other European Union countries. From 28 December all visitors must have a negative test for Covid-19, even if they have been vaccinated. Finland and the Czech Republic also limit the focus. Israel has announced two days ago, following the establishment of a committee of experts, that it will offer a fourth dose of the vaccine for Covid-19 in people over 60 years of age. In fact, the first death from Omicron occurred. A man lost his life. She was over 60 years old and had taken both doses of the vaccine against her Covid-19 but not the booster dose.

At Germany, new Chancellor Olaf Soltz has announced new restrictions that even include those who have been vaccinated. Nightclubs are closing, mass events are being canceled, sports games will be held without spectators. To the great disappointment of the citizens, the traditional New Year celebrations will not take place either. From December 28 onwards, gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed. The unvaccinated will only be able to meet two people from another household. The public differentiation of the Robert Koch Institute is impressive. For the first time since the pandemic began, he distanced himself from government policy. Speaking of an "unprecedented dynamic of the new wave", he called for measures to be taken here and now and not after Christmas.

There is concern on the other side of the Atlantic. "We should all be concerned about Omicron, not panic," he said, adding: "We are no longer in March 2020. We are ready." People rush to test, with queues outside testing centers reminiscent of the beginning of the pandemic. From the beginning of the year, citizens will be able to order free tests online, and pick them up at home.

In the midst of this situation, Oxford and AstraZeneca are designing a special vaccine for the Omicron variant. The relevant studies have already begun. For her part, the executive director of the European Medicines Agency, Emer Cook, said more data was needed on the impact of the micron variant to determine if a specially adapted vaccine would be required.