Dou Theras for vineyards in Frenaros, Avgorou, Liopetri

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Nets and other prohibited means of trapping wild birds were confiscated by the Thera Service from orchards in various areas in Frenaros, Avgorou and Liopetri in the free area of ​​Famagusta.

CEB1 44 News, Nea Famagusta

According to the Police, around seven yesterday morning, members of the Thera Service stopped a car driven by a 57-year-old from Frenaros for inspection. A wild bird trap was found in the car. The 57-year-old was charged in writing and released.

About an hour and a half later, at around 08.30 in the morning, members of the Thera Service located in the rural area of ​​Agios Kendeas in Avgorou, a 62-year-old from Paralimni using banned means of catching wild birds. Specifically, the 62-year-old owned 54 xoverga and a device for producing mimetic voices, consisting of a car CD player and two loudspeakers. The 62-year-old was charged in writing and released.

Besides, on September 30, members of the Thera Service went to an orchard in the "Potamos" area in Liopetri, where they found a net set on iron stakes. The men of the Service remained on the scene until the 32-year-old manager of the orchard from Liopetri appeared. The bird trap net was confiscated while the 32-year-old was charged in writing and released.

Also on September 30, between 04.45 and one o'clock in the afternoon, under a warrant, members of the MMAD poaching squad seized from a fenced orchard in the area of ​​"Laitziani" in Avgorou, a radio cymbal, six small wild birds killed, a megaphone cables, a USB, 25 nets and six metal stakes.

The confiscated items were handed over to the Xylofagos Police Station. During the investigation of the case, it was found that the fenced orchard is located in Halitiki land and attempts were made by the Police to locate the manager of the orchard, but to no avail.

On the same day, shortly before seven in the evening, members of the Thera Service in the livestock area of ​​Avgorou confiscated from the 38-year-old from Xylofagou two trapping nets of wild birds. The 38-year-old was charged in writing and released.

Source: KYPE