The woman who had reported Sizopoulos for botox was arrested

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A 53-year-old woman from Limassol was arrested after a pharmacist from Paphos complained about a case of taking an injectable drug which she said she was taking on behalf of the Thalassaemic Association, which the Association denied.

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This is the same person who months ago had denounced the president of EDEK, Marino Sizopoulos, for illegal trafficking of botox.

The case took place in 2014, when a 53-year-old woman appeared at a pharmacy in Paphos who asked for and received an injectable drug which she stated she was receiving on behalf of the Paphos Thalassemia Association for the needs of the association. For this purpose, the woman had consulted with the pharmacist in order, as she stated, for the repayment to be made by the Association.

However, when in the following months the pharmacist began the efforts to receive the money, he was informed by the Association that he had neither requested the purchase of such a drug on his behalf, nor had he authorized the specific woman to make any purchase.

The 53-year-old was located and arrested today in Limassol, in order to investigate the complaint and has already been transferred to the detention center of the Paphos Police Department. TAE Paphos is examining a case of seizure of property through false representations. Interrogated, she claims that she collaborates with the Thalassaemic Association, due to her status as a medical visitor.