GREECE: Card 150 euros for young people 18-25 years with the first dose of vaccine

Mitsotaki Announcements for the "Freedom Card" - Concerns the young people who have been vaccinated or will be vaccinated

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The time has come for the State to reward the citizens who had a difficult time, the young people from 18 to 25 years old, Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed in the announcements for the privileges of vaccinated people.

"A window of freedom opens for young people, as with the first installment they will get a prepaid card of 150 euros for travel, entry to cinemas, theaters, museums, etc."

This will be done automatically through their AMKA. "This is a debt to the youth, a gift of gratitude, a thank you for their patience and perseverance," the prime minister said.

"At the same time, it is an incentive for young people in particular to be vaccinated. "As long as they are shielded, the transmission of the virus will be limited."

Mitsotakis: What is the "Freedom Card" - What the Prime Minister said

The announcement of the "Freedom Card", a prepaid card of 150 euros, which will be given by the state to all young people aged 18-25 who have already been vaccinated, or will be vaccinated afterwards, was made by the Prime Minister during the presentation for the encouragement of vaccinations, which took place at the Maximos Palace.

"After 16 months of fighting the coronavirus, the country seems to be winning the battle by always staying on alert," the prime minister said, beginning the presentation.

"All this time the government has supported the NSS, the employees and the companies, a multifaceted program of 40 billion euros. It is time for the state to reward an age group affected by the coronavirus. I am referring to the young people aged 18-25, who are 940.000 "stressed Kyriakos Mitsotakis and added:" From today a window of freedom opens for their free time. "With the first vaccination dose, they will get a prepaid card of 150 euros for travel and cultural events."
"They concern all those who have already been vaccinated, but also those who will be vaccinated from now on," continued Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

"By using this new digital wallet, our young people will have an easier vacation. This is a debt to the youth, a thank you for their perseverance and patience. It is also an incentive to vaccinate young people who contribute more to mobility. This motivation also concerns the fight against type D mutation, so it is the young people who have the ability to put a brake on the virus by pressing the accelerator in order to reach 70, why not 80% of the immune wall. It is an energy that has many beneficiaries ".

And the prime minister added: "We keep the mask, when there are many of us. Soon the vaccinated will move more comfortably indoors. I call on our girls and boys to seize the opportunity and be stung. "

Closing the presentation to encourage vaccinations, the Prime Minister noted that "for the first time we have a significant number of available appointments with any vaccine" and stressed that "I ask young people to seize the opportunity and book their appointment immediately. To take advantage of the freedom pass knowing that the State stands by them and thanks them ". "As others have told me, you have not had any financial benefit so far" continued Kyriakos Mitsotakis and concluded the presentation by saying: "A small thank you from the Greek State with the only obligation to do what you would do anyway, that is to go to be vaccinated to protect yourself and others. "

The announcements started with the Deputy Minister in spite of the Prime Minister, Akis Skercos.

Mr. Skertsos started his position by referring to the vaccination process in Greece, talking about the universality of access to vaccination, noting that in Greece he vaccinates 100.000 citizens every day. He said about 48% of the population would have been fully vaccinated by the end of July.

He also noted that the vaccination strategy is being adjusted to achieve the immune wall.