Travel only for vaccinated people is promoted by the Commission

New recommendations for unnecessary travel outside the EU

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Priority is given to vaccinated travelers or those who have recovered, subject to strong safeguards, while the European Commission addresses new recommendations for unnecessary travel outside the EU. The Commission notes that Member States should systematically reopen to those who have been vaccinated with vaccines for which the WHO emergency authorization process has been completed, in parallel with reopening to those who have been vaccinated with vaccines. approved by the EU, as is the case today.

From 1 March 2022, the Commission proposes to adopt a streamlined approach, which will depend entirely on the status of the traveler and not on the country of departure. Member States should allow entry only to travelers who have been vaccinated or recovered, or to travelers with essential duties or needs. The list of countries with a sufficiently good epidemiological situation, from which all travel should be possible, should be abolished.

As the Commission notes, frequent updates to the list have made it difficult for travelers to plan their trips. The new rules will be clearer and more easily recognizable to travelers and will make the system more functional. The European Commission says that with increasing vaccination coverage worldwide, it is also appropriate to lift travel restrictions based on the status of the individual rather than the country of origin. This change will not take place before 1 March 2022, in order to give third countries time to further increase their vaccination rates. It will also depend on a prior assessment of the vaccination situation outside the EU.