MasterChef-Final: Big winner Manolis Sarris

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After dozens of tests in four months, the two best cooks, who managed to cope with the endless demands of MasterChef, reached the final where Manolis Sarris emerged as the winner.

Panos Ioannidis, Sotiris Kontizas and Leonidas Koutsopoulos, for another year, judged the efforts of the players, "checked" their knowledge and techniques and had the joy but also the agony, to enjoy the delicious result in their dishes.

Manolis and Spyridoula did their best in a painful match.

The judges, Panos Ioannidis, Sotiris Kontizas and Leonidas Koutsopoulos, welcomed Manolis and Spyridoula in formal clothes and announced some pleasant news about their scores. In the test of San Sebastian, Manolis Sarris was the winner with 9/10, while Spyridoula got 7/10.

The three chefs then announced their scores from Tuesday's test, where the finalists had to prepare a six-course menu. Spyridoula, in this test, had 8/10, while Manolis 5/10.

Then, the demanding dishes of chef Filippos Chronopoulos, which the two finalists were invited to copy, testified to the importance of the point, which they have reached in the competition.

The dishes that the finalists had to copy…

The first dish was fried rice with caramelized artichokes in chickpea broth, with radicchio in red vinegar and black truffle.

The second dish was codfish in olive oil. Potato with olive and a sauce with carrot broth, ginger and lime.

The four chefs tried the dishes of the finalists, however, only Filippos Chronopoulos was the one who scored. But because until now the game was played differently, even in this final process, a reversal came to prolong the anxiety of both contestants.

The judges explained that they would not reveal the score to them at that moment, as another test would follow, where they would have to copy a very demanding and very difficult dessert of chef Filippos Chronopoulos.

Then came the time of live! Directly from the kitchen of MasterChef, the three chefs announced the ratings for the three dishes of chef Filippos Chronopoulos.

With a total score of 40-37, the big winner of MasterChef 2019 was Manolis Sarris and won the title and the prize of 50.000 euros.

Detailed score of the two finalists of MasterChef…

San Sebastian: Manolis 9/10 - Spyridoula 7/10

Six-course menu: Manolis 5/10 - Spyridoula 8/10

Copy of Filippos Papaspyrou dishes:

1st dish: Manolis 9/10 - Spyridoula 8/10

2st dish: Manolis 8/10 - Spyridoula 7/10

3st dish: Manolis 9/10 - Spyridoula 7/10