Big Brother - Final: This is the big winner

The big winner of Big Brother

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Evdokia Tsagli, Nikos Taklis, Panagiotis Petsas and Angelita clashed in the big final of Big Brother.

The presenters Grigoris Gountaras and Natali Kakkava together with Aphrodite Grammeli welcomed old roommates on the set and along the way there was a flashback to the best moments we saw this year at Big Brother.

After 16 weeks with 22 celebrities crossing the Big Brother threshold, only one managed to reach the first place and win the grand prize of 100.000 euros.

The agony peaked for the two couples, who were created at home and at the time of the announcement everyone was waiting to hear the verdict of the audience with bated breath.

As announced by Grigoris Gountaras, the big winner of Big Brother is Nikos Taklis.

Angelita was in fourth place, Panagiotis Petsas in third and Evdokia Tsagli in second.