Throw both children off the balcony: Fiki in Greece with an aunt who threw her minor nieces into a vacuum

A shocking incident took place in Egaleo, as it became known that a woman threw her two minor nieces from the balcony.

petaxe kai ta 2 paidia apo to mpalkoni fpiki sto aigaleo me theia poy erixe sto keno ta anilika anipsia tis Aigaleo, ANIPSIA, EKAB

A shocking incident occurred in Αιγάλεω, as it became known a woman threw them from the balcony two minor nieces and then she herself fell into the void.

According to, the woman visited her sister's house in Egaleo today and for an unknown reason grabbed her sister's two minor children and threw them from the balcony, while then she herself fell into the void. .

At the point he hurried Ambulances, where he picked up the injured children and their aunt and transported them to the hospital.

The two minor children aged 3 and 5 are out of danger and are being treated at the Hospital Children. Their aunt was taken to Θριασειο. The mother of two is in shock.

via: Enimerotiko