George Tromaras died

He had suffered multiple strokes but his heart could not bear it and so he passed away.

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George Tromaras died at the age of 75, who was hospitalized in the ICU of Alexandra Hospital after suffering a stroke.

He had suffered multiple strokes, but his heart could not bear it and so he passed away, causing grief to his family and friends, but also to those who had closely watched his achievements.

George Tromaras was born in 1947 in a small village overlooking Lake Trichonis, Hagia Sophia. From a very young age he showed his inclination to wrestling and muscular strength. In addition to wrestling, he has managed to bend heavy iron bars, break heavy chains, lift cars, open springs over 400 kg with his teeth, and even pull trains.

His childhood was difficult, but his love for the sport showed him quickly. George Tromaras was the successor of the popular heroes Koutalianos and Sampson, while now he is the last popular hero.

He was married and has a son, Kostas, who follows in his father's footsteps in the sport of dynamic triathlon.