The greatness of Araouchos and the ατό thick slap Tzavella!

The chaotic distance that separates Sergio Araouchos from Giorgos Tzavellas emerged in a matter of seconds.

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The moment that Sergio Araujo refused to celebrate the amazing goal he scored in "Kl. Vikelidis "George Tzavellas was arrested for cursing shouting" worms "in front of the camera of the Novasports channels!

It is in everyone's culture, in the principles he has as a person and a footballer, in the education he carries, in what he stands for. The chaotic distance that separates him Sergio Araouchos by George Tzavellas emerged in a matter of seconds. In a TV shot that followed her scorer AEK in "Kl. Βικελίδης ».

At Argentina an attacker who confirmed for the umpteenth time his character, his temperament. After the amazing goal he scored, his face remained expressionless. He formed the letter "A" with the fingers of his palm. He was not affected by the ecstasy of the moment. He acted as if he were all alone in a room.

A few minutes later he explained why he did it. He felt that was the least he could do to express his support for the family of the murdered Alkis. Few understood it from all those who were in "Kl. VikelidisTo applaud him, to deify him for his morals as he did shortly after Demis Nikolaidis on Novasports channels.

And from this beautiful image, George Tzavellas suddenly entered the plan to destroy it. To dismantle one of the most shocking shots of the fight. To bring out his fanaticism, even if it is not his culture. To fall into a very thick stroke so as not to use a heavier expression. He shouted a lot, the "worms" were picked up by the camera microphone.