Boeotia: Two nuns dead after a fire in a monastery

Tragic end for 77-year-old abbess and her sister - They were found next to an electric heater

Screenshot 2 monastery, MONACHES

A 77-year-old abbess and her younger sister are finally the two dead in the monastery of Agios Nikolaos in Ypsilanti, Boeotia.

According to information from local media, the 77-year-old died of burns and her sister, who reportedly suffered from an incurable illness, breathed her last from fumes.'

The same information states that the two women were found next to an electric heater, while according to the fire department, a fire had been caused that had been extinguished before the firefighters arrived at the monastery on Thursday night.

The two women, according to, had not given signs of life in the last two days. Believers who visit the Monastery became worried as the abbess did not answer their persistent phone calls and thus informed the mayor of Aliartos Thespion, Giorgos Arapitsa.

Accompanied by policemen and firefighters, the mayor of Aliartou arrived at the monastery which is located at an altitude of 700 meters and was blocked due to the snow.

The doors were, in fact, locked and a technician was called so that they could enter the interior of the monastery where unfortunately they found themselves in front of the hideous sight.