Hellenic Bank: "Yes, there is a problem" - Eliminates charges for 56.000 customers

Hellenic Bank today announced measures to relieve its customers - What are the three measures that will apply

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Yes, there is an issue with inflationary pressures, interest rate increases and a consequent reduction in consumer purchasing power, and we can and want to help, said the Chief Banking Officer of Hellenic Bank.

During a press conference at the Head Offices of the Hellenic Bank, Phoivos Stasopoulos announced a series of measures, noting that the difficulties faced by the Bank's customers are recognised.

He emphasized that the measures that were decided will meet three basic conditions which are as follows:

  • Measures to be taken in time
  • Be targeted
  • To be in force as long as they are needed and not on a permanent basis

The possibility of free money transfer increases from 1.000 euros to 5.000 euros

The first measure announced is the extension of the free SEPA remittance transfer limit via Online Banking from €1.000 to €5.000, with effect from 2 January 2024. The free service applies to online money transfers in euros, within the EU and with normal execution date.

35.000 customers zero account fees

The second measure is that low-income customers, with a pension of less than €800 per month, which is deposited in a savings account with the Bank, will benefit for one year from zero costs of maintaining a Savings Account, with effect from 1 October 2023.

21.000 customers will maintain an account Basic without charge

The third measure announced today by Hellenic Bank is that EEE recipients can acquire and maintain a Basic Account without any fees. With the Basic debit card they can carry out all basic banking transactions for free.

For his part, the Head of Retail Banking Mr. Andreas Assiotis said that in the current period of high inflation, the need to support society is imperative. "The palliative measures we take must be targeted with an emphasis on the elderly, who are the most vulnerable group," he stressed.

“As seniors often need access to banking services and frequently visit our stores, we have introduced meeter and greeters to help familiarize customers with our free online channels. This initiative will continue with the ultimate goal of continuously improving the service and support of all our customers, especially the elderly," he pointed out.

Source: Economytoday