A Cypriot researcher secured a €2,5m grant from the EU for cancer research

The first ERC Advanced Grant for Cyprus after 11 years was secured by a Cypriot researcher

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The first ERC Advanced Grant for Cyprus after 11 years was secured by Dr. Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos, Associate Professor of the Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering at the University of Cyprus and Head of the Cancer Biophysics Laboratory, according to the IdEK.

In a press release from the IdEK, it is stated that the new €2,5m project secured by Dr. Stylianopoulos is entitled "Overcoming Mechanically-Induced Resistance to Chemo-Immunotherapy in Pancreatic Cancer" ("MechanoResistance") and aims to improving the treatment of pancreatic cancer. In the context of the project, new biomarkers and therapeutic targets will be sought, with the aim of overcoming the resistance displayed by the specific type of cancer to the administered chemotherapy drugs.

IdEK congratulates Dr. Stylianopoulos for this significant success in the highly competitive funding process of the European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant 2023.

As reported, within the ERC Advanced Grant 2023 call, 1829 proposals were submitted, with the ERC announcing the provision of funding of €652 million to 255 scientists from all over Europe. The success rate of the call is 13,9%.

IdEK notes that this is the sixth ERC project of Dr. Stylianopoulos, who is the first researcher in Cyprus and one of the few in Europe to have secured all three main ERC fundings: Starting, Consolidator and Advanced Grant. It also holds three ERC Proof of Concept Grants.

The number of ERC projects for Cyprus stands at 11 under Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation 2021-2027 and at 33 in total from the 7th Framework Program to date.

Finally, it should be noted that the ERC is the leading European funding organization for the support of pioneering cutting-edge research, having supported, since 2007, more than 13.000 excellent researchers, at all stages of their careers and in all scientific fields. It provides the most competitive funding in Europe, which is proof of scientific excellence worldwide for those who manage to secure it. ERC Advanced Grants in particular are addressed to renowned scientists, leaders in their field, who have demonstrated significant research achievements. Funding can reach €2,5 million over a period of five years, with the possibility of additional funding of €1 million in special cases.

Source: KYPE