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When does registration start?

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The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth announces the registration at the State Institutes of Education (K.I.E.) for the new school year 2024-2025. The registrations are carried out at the local K.I.E., from 13/05/24 to 14/06/24.

As stated in a relevant announcement, the State Training Institutes offer a series of afternoon/evening classes to students of all levels as well as to adults, both in urban centers and in rural areas, thus providing the possibility for equal learning opportunities and contributing to lifelong education.

The public can request registration or any other information about the services provided in the 46 KIEs, which operate throughout Cyprus and are housed in public Primary and Secondary Education schools. Contact information for the local C.I.E. can be found on the K.I.E. website:, at the point list of schools (