Trump's expectations from the crucial meeting with Putin are low

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US President Donald Trump is in Helsinki for the long-awaited summit with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

One of the issues that the President of the United States is expected to raise will be Russia's involvement in the recent US elections.

"I honestly do not expect anything, I go to the meeting with very low expectations, I think cooperation with Russia is a good thing, but it is possible that we will not achieve it."

Trump was also asked in an interview before the summit whether he would demand the extradition of Russian agents accused of hacking into Democratic Party computers.

"I may have asked for it, I had not thought about it, but I will definitely ask about it. However, I think that the Democratic Party should be ashamed that it allowed it to be hacked ".

From his answer he will probably not ask for their extradition.

This will be the third time the two leaders have met. Putin's advisers say they see Trump as a "negotiating partner." However there are concerns that he may give more than he will get.

Image removed.Syria is another issue that is expected to be discussed. Bashar al-Assad's dominance in the seven-year civil war is thought to be largely due to the Russian president.

As Alexander Baunov, an associate of the Carnegie Center in Moscow, puts it: "What Trump really wants in Syria is to defeat the jihadists and keep Iran out of Syria. "It will not bother him much if Assad remains the regulator of the situation in the region."

And of course it is the issue of Ukraine. The United States has said it will never recognize Russia's annexation of the Crimean peninsula, but is Trump reconsidering it? He has said in the past that he may belong to Moscow, as most people there speak Russian.

The summit is expected to last about 4 hours. Enough is enough for the protesters, both against Trump and against Putin, to make their presence felt.

For any other issue that arises during the talks, the American president believes that private negotiation is the best way to resolve it.