Russia denies 700.000 Russians fled country to avoid conscription

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In recent days, reports have been making the rounds on the internet about 700.000 Russians who have left their country since Vladimir Putin announced partial conscription.

Today (6/10) the Kremlin denied reports that 700.000 Russians have fled the country since the Moscow announced partial conscription.

In a press briefing, Mr Peshkov said he did not have exact numbers on how many people have left the country since the president's announcement Vladimir Putin for partial enlistment on September 21.

Finally, regarding the investigation that has started into the Nord Stream leaks, the representative of the Kremlin Dmitry Peshkov stated: "Η Russia has been informed through diplomatic channels that there are no plans to invite Moscow to the investigation into the Nord Stream gas leaks. Russia considers it impossible to carry out such an investigation without the participation of Moscow"


via: Gazzetta