Two German-Russians arrested for espionage for Russia - They were planning to sabotage the Ukrainian army

They allegedly photographed military installations and railway lines

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Two Germans of Russian origin were arrested on suspicion of planning sabotage operations against Germany on behalf of Russia.

According to an exclusive report by the public broadcaster ARD, Dieter S. and Alexander G. from Bayreuth were allegedly photographing military installations and railway lines in order to prepare explosive attacks and prevent the resupply of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Federal prosecutor Jens Rommel accuses the two suspects, who have been monitored in recent months by the German secret services, the Federal Anti-Crime Service, and also US officials, for a series of "illegal operations on behalf of the Russian state and at the expense of Ukraine ». The central role in the action of the two arrested was 39-year-old Dieter S., a holder of German and Russian citizenship who has fought for a brigade of the "Donetsk People's Republic" against Ukraine, between 2014 and 2016.

The federal prosecutor classifies the suspect's mission as "participation in a terrorist organization" and thus for the first time the "Donetsk People's Republic", which is recognized only by Russia, Syria and North Korea, is officially designated as a "terrorist organization". In fact, the relevant authorization was given for the prosecution by the Ministry of Justice, as it concerns an anti-terrorist investigation.

Dieter S. is also believed to have been systematically spying since at least October 2023 on military areas, railway lines and other infrastructure in Germany, including US bases on German soil, photographing and filming, with the aim of preparing explosive attacks on its supply lines Ukrainian army from Germany. The slogan was "prevent the transfer of weapons and other material from Germany to Ukraine" and the 39-year-old German-Russian was passing on the information he was collecting to the Russian secret service. Since March of this year he has been working with 37-year-old Alexander G., who had also been active militarily in the "Donetsk People's Republic".

According to the ARD report, the federal prosecutor's office assesses the case as "particularly serious activity by agents of foreign services" and the two suspects face prison terms of up to ten years.

The Federal Agency for the Protection of the Constitution has long warned about the activity of Russian spies, who aim to attack vital infrastructure and the transport network of military equipment in Ukraine.