Vaccines: Fast recovery after rare myocarditis for young people under 21

What the new study shows

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Most of the few teens and young adults under the age of 21 who develop suspected myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle that is rarely associated with vaccines Covid-19, had mild symptoms and improved rapidly, according to a new US scientific study.

Myocarditis can weaken the heart and affect its electrical system, which allows it to beat smoothly.

It is usually the result of an infection or inflammation caused by a virus.

This summer, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a possible link between mRNA vaccines and myocarditis, especially in people under 39 years of age. But according to Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones, president of the American Heart Association, "Research continues to find that vaccine-related Covid-19 cases of myocarditis are very unusual and mostly mild. Clearly the data continue to show that the benefits of vaccines Covid-19, which are 91% effective in preventing serious complications Covid-19, the risk of hospitalization and death, far outweigh the very rare risks of side effects such as myocarditis ".

The new study, led by Jane Newberger, a professor of pediatrics at Harvard University School of Medicine and published in the American Heart Association's Circulation, analyzed data from 26 pediatric centers in the United States and Canada, focusing on people under 21 years of age. It was found that those who after vaccination had confirmed or possible myocarditis (a total of 139 people 12 to 20 years old), had an average age of 16 years and 90% were boys. 98% of cases occurred after mRNA vaccination and 91% after the second dose. Symptoms occurred on average two days after the vaccine.

The most common symptoms were chest pain (99%), fever (31%) and shortness of breath (27%). Nearly one-fifth of patients (19%) needed ICU admission, but none died. Half of the patients returned home after two days.

"The data show that most cases of myocarditis are suspected to be related to vaccines. Covid-19 in young people under 21, they are mild and patients get well quickly. However, we expect further studies to better understand the long-term course of patients with such myocarditis. We also need to study the risk factors and mechanisms of this rare complication. ", said Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Utah Dodgnan Truong.

The researchers said that doctors should look into the possibility of myocarditis in children, especially boys and young adults, who develop chest pain in the first week after vaccination. Covid-19.

Dr. Lloyd-Jones emphasized that "And the new findings support the American Heart Association 's position that vaccines Covid-19 are safe, highly effective and fundamental to saving lives by protecting our families and communities from Covid-19, and putting an end to the pandemic. Please vaccinate your child as soon as possible ».