Tensions, arrests and images of baldness in Turkey

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Arrests, tensions and caliphate incidents have been taking place in the last hours of the Turkish elections.

Characteristically, four people were arrested outside the polling station, who tried to transfer "teased" ballots.
Allegations that an Erdogan MP attacked HDP members

According to allegations, Justice and Development Party MP Khalil Gildiz and his supporters attacked members of the pro-Kurdish HDP party inside a polling station in the southeastern Turkish city of Urfa.

A video circulating on social media also shows alleged relatives of the MP throwing extra ballot papers of the AKP and Erdogan at the polls.

Earlier, ten foreign nationals were arrested by Turkish authorities for allegedly observing the Turkish elections, but "attempted to intervene".

Kalponotheia images

And while voting continues, photos and videos of suspicious incidents abound. 

As the posts below show, a man giving a second ballot to a person inside the screen


Another video shows ballots being cast in favor of Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP. 

A similar scenario from another polling station. 


Source: AlphaNews.live