They detect cases of corona through mobile phones

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The pandemic has led several countries to take "hidden weapons" out of their drawers and use them to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Taking advantage of the power provided by technology and mobile phones, they monitor the dispersal of their citizens at home and abroad, while Israel has already gone one step further and with the information it has gathered in this way, has managed to warn its citizens about the existence of a person diagnosed with coronavirus at a distance close to them.

In Cyprus, the implementation of such a measure for the time being is a "remote scenario", as confirmed by government officials, which is confirmed by information provided by "F" from mobile networks, according to which there have been no requests for such data processing. It is noted that no legislation has been promoted in Cyprus that allows such activity, but in other countries similar hasty legislation is being made.

However, by utilizing information gathered in this way, various countries know where on the planet their citizens are located. The data obtained are anonymous and do not betray - at least at first glance the personal data of mobile phone owners.

Monitoring and mapping of this data is mainly done in two ways by specialized companies.

The first way is by mapping the location of mobile phones in the country and around the world by tracking the location of mobile phones in relation to their connection to one or the other cell of the mobile antennas of telephone networks.

The second and most widely used way, which gives a more detailed picture of the location of each mobile, is through companies that process the data of the geographical location of each mobile, which are collected with the consent of the owners of mobile phones, given when installing an application and consent is required for access to various data, such as the geographical location based on the indication of the mobile's geographic location (GPS) subsystem.

In Israel, they took this technology a step further, by activating a service through which, when a confirmed case approached a citizen, that citizen immediately received an SMS warning on his mobile phone. The action was stopped in Israel by a decision of the Supreme Court.

Source: philenews