Israel Attacks Iran: What US Officials Said

"Israeli missiles hit facilities in Iran"

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Israel has been weighing its response for several days after the attack launched by Iran. A US official confirmed that Tel Aviv launched an attack against Iran, and said that the target of the attack was not nuclear facilities.

"An Israeli missile hit inside Iran," a US official told CNN. The attack came hours after Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told CNN in an interview that if Israel takes further military action against it, it will be "immediate and at the maximum level."

"The US knew that Israel would attack"
Also, US officials said Israel had warned the Biden administration of the attack since Thursday, saying the strike would take place within the next 24 to 48 hours. "We did not encourage retaliation," he added.

According to CNN, Iranian state media have so far only confirmed that air defenses opened fire on drones in Isfahan province, shooting them down.

"There was no missile attack," says an Iranian official

On the other hand, an Iranian official spoke to Reuters and said that there has been no missile attack. "The explosions heard in Isfahan in the early hours of the morning were due to the activation of Iranian air defense systems," assured the Iranian official - who was not named.

Earlier, the Iranian news agency Tasnim reported that the nuclear facilities located in Isfahan, Iran, are "absolutely safe", citing a "reliable source". Other Iranian media are also reporting similar news.