Erdogan on Cyprus issue: No solution found because Brussels acts in favor of Greek Cypriot

"It is time for a clarification on the Cyprus issue"

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"We expect Europe to raise a more conscientious and cordial voice regarding the sad events that are taking place in the Aegean," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told EU ambassadors today.

Referring to the refugee / immigrant, the Turkish president indirectly pointed to Greece and called on Europe to take another position.

"Our only expectation from the EU regarding immigration is a fair burden-sharing. In this process, repulsions and ill-treatment of migrants must end. "We expect Europe to raise a more conscientious voice regarding the events taking place in the Aegean," he said.

The problems with Greece are solved directly and not in the corridors

The Turkish president, in his speech at the event organized by the EU diplomatic mission in Ankara, took the opportunity to express his grievances to Brussels about Greece and Cyprus, calling on them to "get rid of strategic myopia in 2022", as he said characteristically.

"We want the EU to become more courageous in developing relations with Turkey and to get rid of strategic myopia in 2022.

The pretext of solidarity within the union must stop sabotaging Turkey-Europe relations. "Therefore, some members should stop trying to solve their problems with Turkey in the corridors of the Union," he said, while referring to Greece by name. through third parties.

"Last year, our neighbor Greece and I revived a number of dialogue mechanisms. We have made great efforts to reduce tensions. After agreeing to cultivate a positive agenda in order to develop our economic and trade relations, we started the relevant processes. "I sincerely believe that as two neighboring countries we will be able to resolve our issues through a direct and constructive dialogue."

"It is time for a clarification on the Cyprus issue"

Recep Tayyip Erdogan then referred to the Cyprus issue, accusing the EU that the reason why no solution has been found for 50 years is because Brussels is acting in favor of the Greek Cypriots.

"Turkey's position on the Cyprus issue is clear. Do you know why Turkey's negotiating efforts on the Cyprus issue, which have been going on for more than 50 years, were not successful… Why the Greeks could not get rid of the mentality of operating as the sole owner of the island. "Unfortunately, the European Union has always been unaware of the rights and law of the Turkish Cypriots, which are an integral part of the same geography, while acting blindly as a representative of the Greek Cypriot sector," he said.

The Turkish president said he would continue to work with the pseudo-state to recognize its sovereign equality and its international status, because it would also contribute to peace and stability in the Middle East.

"It's time for an honest EU settlement. If the EU really wants to contribute to the solution, it will have to live up to its 2004 and will of the T / C. "Otherwise, a new delay, especially for tactical reasons, will mean nothing but a waste of time and energy."

"Distraction tactics were used against us. "It is obvious that the countries that are abusing their rights, resulting from their full accession, are acting in a reluctant way in this process," he noted.

Accession is a strategic priority for Turkey

The Turkish president reiterated that Turkey's full membership in the EU is a strategic priority.

"We have been fighting for EU membership for more than half a century. I have spoken to many leaders in Europe for 20 years. I personally saw how the steps we took on our way to full integration were blocked. "Being part of the European continent geographically and historically, Turkey is committed to the goal of full EU membership. The EU remains our strategic priority," he said.