A restaurant ossifies a customer who accuses him of "salty" prices

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A bad review on Facebook and an admittedly fantastic explanation

And who does not want his money to be wasted when he eats out?

We all obviously, although we must first agree on what is cheap and what is expensive.

A main course of 9 euros is a normal price for some, but not for the lady of our story, who considered these 8 pounds (9 euros) that she spent to eat fish and potatoes in an English restaurant, a particularly unbearable amount.


And so he left a bad review on the Facebook page of Oxton Bar and Kitchen, despite the fact that he considered the food "wonderful": ? », The woman wonders.

Only this restaurant he would not leave it like that"Ok Debbie," he replies, "where do I start?" From these 8 pounds, our cunning government charges you 20% tax, which we collect by law on your behalf, and so we are left with 6,66 pounds. From these, we have to buy fresh ingredients ", he tells her, who for this dish climb to 2,70 pounds, something that leaves the restaurant only 3,94 pounds.


"Of which our annoying chef wants compensation!", She continues, before mocking her that this "wonderful food" that she confessed that she ate does not reach the table alone. With these 3,94 pounds will be paid the serving, the bills and the operating expenses, he continues, to finally conclude: "So if the 3,94 pounds do not justify for you the creation of all this experience with us, then we call you to recreate it in the comfort of your own home!



The other customers praised the restaurant for its response, continuing the same pattern of very good reviews on TripAdvisor…