Strong 7,5 Richter Earthquake in Taiwan (VIDEO)

Dozens dead and injured - Buildings collapsed due to the strongest earthquake in the last 25 years

Screenshot 6 1 EARTHQUAKE, Taiwan

At least four dead are the latest toll from the earthquake that struck early today (Greece time) in Taiwan with 26 buildings also reported to have tilted or collapsed in Hualien County. Since the earthquake there have been emergency tsunami warnings both on the island and in neighboring countries, especially in southern Japan and the Philippines, alerts that came shortly after 6 am (Greece time).


Taiwanese media reported that residents were trapped in collapsed buildings in the island city of Hualien after the very strong 7,5-magnitude earthquake struck shortly before 08:00 (Taipei time; 09:00 Tokyo time; 03:00). XNUMX Greek time).


"Two buildings have collapsed and there may be people trapped. We do not have any further information at this time," a spokesman for the Hualien Fire Department was limited to saying.

The 7,5-magnitude quake struck fairly close to the island, triggering emergency tsunami warnings for Taiwan itself and the Japanese islands of Okinawa Prefecture (southwest).



An emergency tsunami warning has also been issued in the Philippines.

The very strong earthquake, which according to initial estimates had a magnitude of 7,5, occurred off the coast of southwestern Japan, Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported.

According to the Euro-Mediterranean Institute the tremor was 7,4 Richter and its epicenter was located 12 kilometers south of Taiwan.

The Japan Meteorological and Seismological Agency (JMA) estimated that the earthquake was 7,5 degrees, the corresponding agency of Taiwan (CWA) that it was 7,2 degrees, while the US Geological Survey (USGS) that its strength was 7,4, 25 points. Dozens of aftershocks were felt in Taipei — at least 5 — five of about magnitude XNUMX in the first hour after the main quake.

Airport authorities in Naha, the largest city in Okinawa, suspended flights after a tsunami warning was issued for the islands.

Aircraft traffic has been suspended since 09:25 (03:25 Greek time) as a precaution, a spokesman for the transport ministry in Naha, in southwestern Japan, said, adding that "flights that would land (in Naha) will be diverted."

In Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, a reporter from the Reuters news agency found that power was cut in parts of the city. According to Taipower, an electricity company, at least 87.000 households are without electricity.

The earthquake that hit Taiwan's east coast today is "the strongest in twenty-five years," said the director of the Taipei Seismological Center, Wu Chien-fu.

"The earthquake occurred near the coast and at a shallow focal depth. It was felt across Taiwan and neighboring areas (…) It is the strongest in 25 years, since the 1999 earthquake,” Mr. Wu told reporters, referring to the September 7,6 magnitude 1999 earthquake that which had claimed the lives of some 2.400 people.