They won 238 million in the Lotto and did not get a single cent

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They thought their lives would change

ΜAn Illinois family may have won the Lotto jackpot - but in the end did not win a single cent. And before you think that they may have committed a fraud or a mistake; they did not win it cleanly and fairly.

The state has said it will not pay more than $ 600 in profits until the budget crisis is resolved as the state is on the verge of bankruptcy. However, TV commercials promoting lotto and lotteries are still shown while the winnings cannot be paid.

The family's lawyer said the $ 288 million voucher would have to be paid otherwise they would be sued. "If a private company sold gambling tickets and did not pay the winner. The state would close them and accuse them of fraud "

Another winner stated on the CBS Inside Edition: "We won $ 250.000. We could have a comfortable life. "Suddenly they pulled the carpet under our feet." "Employees told me I would receive a check by mail in four to six weeks and months have passed since then."

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