Erdogan's papers closed for his new ministers

cna t3befd0a0a47243159d67a6c4e7cf21ea Ταγίπ Ερντογάν, Τουρκία

The Turkish President is keeping his papers closed about who will take over the ministries of his new Government, although some names are already leaking.

For the Ministry of Economy, one of the most crucial for Turkey, which is going through a deep economic crisis, the candidate is the 51-year-old Dr. Daron Atzemoglou, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of the most important economists in the world. 

As for the Ministry of Interior, Ibrahim Kalin seems to be being overthrown. The right hand of the Turkish President and Spokesperson has a great communication profile and is suitable for the position. On the other hand, EU Minister Omer Celik "loses" his position since his ministry is abolished. 

For the Ministry of Defense, Ismail Demir is the most dominant for taking the position. The Secretary General of the state-owned Defense Equipment Industry seems to be ideal for Turkey's armaments policy. 

Regarding the Ministries of Education and Family Affairs, the candidates are Yusuf Tekin and Aise Buchiorler. 

It remains unknown whether Denlet Bahceli will be ousted, who will become stronger if Tayyip Erdogan co-operates with the Nationalist Party.