Newborn baby opened his mouth and left his midwives and mom "dry"

Newborn baby opened his mouth and left his midwives and mom "dry"

The incidence of this phenomenon is 1: 3000 births

When Bethany Green welcomed her happy daughter to the world and held her in her arms for the first time, she was sure she had never seen anything so beautiful before.

Her newborn baby looked at her with his big eyes, making her "melt". But when after a few moments he opened his mouth to cry, the woman was speechless with shock, facing something he certainly did not expect to see in his mouth.

A tooth protruded from under his gums, something extremely rare in newborns.

Most babies pull out their first tooth between the ages of four and seven months. However, some newborns are born with one or more newborn teeth.

The incidence of these teeth is 1: 3000 births, which is extremely low.

In most cases these teeth are extra than normal, they are small and they shake. In the case of little Avery, however, it is a fairly strong tooth that continued to grow rapidly after birth, with the result that today it is… huge - always compared to its size.

The baby is now 4 weeks old and has already made his first visit to the dentist, as his young mother considered it right to seek the opinion of an expert on this rare phenomenon, and on how to take care of her newborn baby's tooth.

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