Siberia: Newborn was found abandoned at -20 degrees Celsius

Police are looking for the baby's mother

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A newborn girl was found abandoned at -20 degrees Celsius in a region of Siberia and according to Russian officials is in good health, the BBC reported.

The newborn was found in an egg package by five teenagers walking on a street near the village of Sosnovga outside Novosibirsk last Friday, local media reported.

The baby was taken to hospital by the parents of one of the teenagers and doctors said he was in good health.

Police are searching for the baby's mother and have launched a criminal investigation into an attempted murder of a minor victim.

The teen's parents, who already have three sons, want to adopt her, but will have to wait until they find relatives.

According to the father of the teenager Dmitry Litvinov, the baby had a blanket and a baby bottle with him.

It is estimated that he was about three days old when he was found.

Local media reported that if no relatives were found, the new parents would have to gather a number of documents and conduct special seminars before being allowed to adopt the baby.

Source: RES-EAP