Ukraine: A soldier kills five colleagues and injures five others

Soldier opens fire on colleagues inside factory, killing five and injuring five others before fleeing

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A Ukrainian National Guard soldier opened fire on his colleagues inside the factory, killing five and wounding five others before fleeing, taking his service weapon with him, the Interior Ministry announced on Thursday.

"A member of the Ukrainian National Guard opened fire with a Kalashnikov assault rifle against the factory guards, then escaped with his weapon," the ministry said, adding that "five people were killed and five others were injured."

According to the ministry, the incident took place on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the Yuzmas factory in Nipro, in the central part of the country, where spacecraft-carrying missiles, conventional missiles for the armed forces, vehicles, industrial tools, etc. are produced.

The perpetrator, born in 2001, had gone to pick up his weapon before taking on a shift in the guard.

An ongoing operation is underway in the city to locate.

The commander of the National Guard, Nikolai Balan, went on the spot, always according to the Ministry of Interior.

"The motives for the crime are not yet known," he said.

Violent incidents, some with the use of weapons, in military units of the former USSR states are frequent, and are usually attributed to capsules during the "initiation" of new recruits, especially in Russia. However, the situation has improved in recent years.

In addition to homicides, several suicides are also attributed to the initiation of recruits.

Source: RES-EAP