Ukraine: Citizens react to metro as soon as they see wounded soldiers (VIDEO)

Soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine were deported at the Kiev railway station as they were returning wounded from the front

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Soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine were adored at the Kiev railway station as they returned injured from the front.

The press service of the National Guard of Ukraine published a few days ago a video of how the wounded soldiers were received at the Kiev railway station. The Ukrainians welcomed them with applause.

In addition to the applause, the slogans "Glory to Ukraine" and "Glory to the heroes" were heard at the capital's station during the meeting of the National Guard soldiers.

A few days later, a video was released from inside a train car where people have stopped and applauded the two soldiers who responded with a smile.

Two grain storage terminals were hit by Russian bombardment on Wednesday in the Ukrainian port of Mykolaiv, the companies managing them, Bunge and Viterra, told AFP.

The Viterra-owned terminal in Evri, which is used to store vegetable oils, was "damaged in a rocket attack" in which one person was also slightly injured, a company spokesman said, adding that the two silos were on fire and one third storage space was damaged.

The plant purchased from Glencore, Viterra's parent company, in 2020, has a storage capacity of 160.000 tons.

As for Bunge, its facilities were hit "in the latest Russian attacks in the region," a spokeswoman said, adding that there were no injuries and the extent of the damage was not yet known.

The terminal, closed since the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, includes storage, cargo and vegetable oil production facilities.

The ports of Mykolaif and Odessa have been closed since the start of the war, paralyzing the transport of agricultural raw materials by sea. This was the main way of exporting agricultural products until three months ago.

Talks, with no tangible results to date, are under way between Russia, Turkey and Ukraine on the opening of sea lanes that will allow cargo ships to depart from Ukraine and move to the Black Sea, but an extremely dangerous area due to that naval mines have been deployed.

According to Ankara, a Turkish merchant ship sailed on Wednesday from the Ukrainian port of Mariupol (southeast), which is now under Russian control, in the Sea of ​​Azov.

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