Ukraine: The country's prime minister has resigned


The resignation was submitted by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Alexei Khoncharuk, in a letter to the President of the country, Volodymyr Zelensky, as it became known on Friday morning.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Alexei Khoncharuk said on Friday that he had written and submitted a letter of resignation to the country's president.

"I am in this position to implement the president's program. This is an example of honesty and decency for me. "However, in order to remove any doubt about the respect and trust in the president, I wrote a letter of resignation and submitted it to the president, with the right to submit it to the parliament," Hodsaruk wrote on Facebook.

According to the Ukrainian presidency, the President of Ukraine will consider the letter of Khoncharuk.

Zelensky's press office said the president had received the request and would consider it.

"The head of state will consider the request. "The office of the President of Ukraine will announce the results of the examination later," said Zelensky.

Source: Philenews